A WordPress Plugin For SEO You’ll Actually Use.

Interlinky is a WordPress plugin that enables webmasters to easily manage the internal link architecture across their website to improve user experience, power rankings and most importantly, drive traffic.

Key Features


Find Keyword Opportunities

Easily scan your WordPress site for any keyword across all posts and pages to find relevant internal link opportunities.


Analyze All Link Types

View detailed information for every post and page including internal and outbound link anchors and URLs.


Export Links to CSV

Easily export internal and outbound link data as a CSV for every post and page within your WordPress site.


Link Analytics

View analytical data for the best performing internal and outbound links allowing you to optimise the flow of traffic around your site.


Easy Configuration

Interlinky is easy to install and configure and can be setup within a matter of minutes.


Filter Link Counts

Easily filter and visually see which posts and pages are lacking or are over optimised for links.

How To Crush Your SEO with Interlinky

Interlinky has been built by marketers, for marketers. Running a number of large authority sites, we routinely hit a brick wall when it came to our internal linking strategy and needed some clarity. What pages were connected, how were they connected and what needed the attention. It was all becoming a blurred mess…

3rd party SEO tools were expensive and not very clear and the requirement for a simple, highly practical WordPress solution was needed. Interested to find out more? Here is how it works…

Why You Should Be Interlinking

Internal linking is often one of the most overlooked and powerful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that when implemented, can accelerate your ranking and improve user experience.

In a nutshell, internal linking is a hyperlink that connects one or more pages together in your website. For example, if we have a post about “Dog Toothpaste”, it would be logical to connect it to another post about “Dog Toothbrushes”.


Builds Topical Relevancy

Internal linking helps search engines understand what your content is about. Internally linking pages on a related topic gives the indication to search engines that your content is a valuable resource that answers the user’s query.

Passes Link Juice & Authority

Building links to your money pages? Internal linking is crucial to help distribute the link juice and authority of inbound SEO efforts throughout your site.

Improves Usability and Bounce Rate

Internal linking helps users navigate easily around your site. Arriving from a search engine, internal hyperlinks help prevent them from leaving by providing suggested relevant pages they may be interested in.

Improve Crawling & Indexing

Building a strong, smart internal architecture will help search engine bots crawl links and find deeper pages within your site that aren’t always visited and make sure your content is found.

Use Keyword Rich Anchor Text

Internal links are a great way to use more aggressive “exact” anchor texts to your money pages that wont trigger the same penalties from over optimisation that can come from external link building campaigns.


For a limited time only to our early customers, we are offering Interlinky for:


Unlimited Domains
Lifetime Updates

What the Experts Are Saying About Internal Linking


“Internal linking is one of the SEO’s most valuable weapons.”


“Internal linking is SO money. Use 2-3 in every post.”


“Building internal links is the single easiest and most evergreen SEO strategy there is.”


I have some more pre-sale questions, can you help?

Yes we can! If you would like to ask anything about our plugin, please do not hesitate to send us an email to [email protected] 

Do you offer support?

Yes we do! If you have any issues regarding setup, usage or suggestions, we would love to hear from you and be happy to assist. Simply drop us an email via [email protected]

Do I get updates for the plugin?

Yes you do! All purchases are entitled to any lifetime future updates and additional features. These are delivered automatically to all valid licence key holders.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes we do! We are very confident that all our customers are going to love Interlinky so much that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee, if there are technical issues with the plugin.

We would kindly like to ask anyone on purchasing a licence with the intention of getting a refund to please refrain from doing so. Your licence key will be revoked once a refund is issued. 

I am using Visual Composer on my site. Will this plugin work?

Yes, Interlinky is fully compatible with WordPress sites using Visual Composer on their pages and posts.